About us

LABB GROUP – company based in Šid (Srem district) was founded in 2008. For a short period of time company became a leading manufacturer of non-returnable and returnable plastic crates for packaging fruits and vegetables.

In 2013 LABB GROUP opened a new production facility in Negotin and within this two manufacturing locations we are producing plastic crates through two programs:

– Production of non-returnable crates, different models and dimension, for sale purposes only.
– Production of returnable high quality crates, for rent purposes only.

For easier and faster approach, we have opened a washing facility based in Nova Pazova which ensures that our plastic crates will be prepared and hygienically washed to highest food industry standards so that they will be ready for use by our clients/consumers.

Within our line of work we do research to assure that all factors are fulfilled to maintain a quality product, to extend shelf-life, and uphold or increase the condition and safety of food. In doing so our focus is to assure a stability during transportation of your product as well to keep the product (fruits and vegetables) protected from various external chemical impacts such as mould and humidity.

Plastic crates – product which enables that fruit and vegetables are available to any individuals, as basic life food. Due to this, we are committed to improve our production, mainly focused on innovation and efficiency.