Aman store-returnable plastic crates system immplementation within Aman chain stores

15. 11. 2016.

At the beginning of November we have started with implementation of returnable plastic crates with retail chain store AMAN. AMAN owns 200 retail objects in Serbia and therefore we have expend the number of RPC users.

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M-XXL meat packaging model

10. 09. 2015.

In cooperation with our research team we aspire to keep our clients contented by providing the safety of their products. Therefore, we are able to offer M-XXL model for meat packing to meat industries. M-XXL model is made from high quality plastic with high level technology by HACCP standards. WE FULLY GUARANTEE that your product […]

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New models of non-returnable crates

20. 06. 2015.

Our main goal is to keep our clients satisfied and their products safe, therefore we are recommending 3 new non-returnable models: H-15, H-18 and H-22. By using our crates we are giving full guarantee to each of our clients that their product will be safe, fully preserve and fresh till they reach their final destination

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Export to FYR of Macedonia

05. 09. 2013.

In September, LABB GROUP has started with temporary exporting of returnable plastic crates to Macedonia.  By the end of September first amounts of grapes were imported in Labb plastic crates. Labb plastic crates will provide longer life and freshness to all kinds of fruits and vegetables and grapes too within Delhaize Serbia retail chain market […]

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Export to greece and turkey

05. 11. 2012.

In November, LABB GROUP  has started with temporary exporting returnable plastic crates on temporary basis to Greece and Turkey. By the end of November first amount of oranges were imported to Delhaize retail chain markets in Serbia by using Labb plastic crates that will provide longer life and freshness of products such as orange and […]

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We delivered more than 1 million units of plastic crates, large partnerships entail big numbers

10. 05. 2012.

LABB GROUP in cooperation with Delhaize Serbia started working on implementation of returnable plastic crates within Delhaize supply chain of fruits and vegetables. Project started in May 2012, and by the November we have accomplished a turnover of more than 1 million units of various types of our crates. To this day LABB GROUP is […]

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L.a.b.b. group – opening

09. 11. 2009.

On the 9th of November 2009, Dr Bojan Pajtic, President of  the Government of AP Vojvodina, officially opened our production of plastic crates. Prof. Dr Dragoslav Petrovic, Secretary of science and technology at Government of AP Vojvodina and Natasa Cvjetkovic, municipality President of Sid, both attended the opening. President Pajtic said that the investment value […]

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Labb group attended technology fair for processing and storage of fruits and vegetables fruveg expo balkan 2009

28. 09. 2009.

From 23.09.2009 to 26.09.2009 Labb Group attended FRUVEG EXPO BALKAN-international fair for fruits and vegetables processing which was part of four specialized manifestation held at Belgrade fair.. The honour to open the fair went to Mr. ZaharijeTrnavčević. LABB GROUP was one of 309 exhibitors (78 domestic and 231 foreign) that presented their products and business. […]

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