28. 09. 2009.

Labb group attended technology fair for processing and storage of fruits and vegetables fruveg expo balkan 2009

From 23.09.2009 to 26.09.2009 Labb Group attended FRUVEG EXPO BALKAN-international fair for fruits and vegetables processing which was part of four specialized manifestation held at Belgrade fair.. The honour to open the fair went to Mr. ZaharijeTrnavčević.

LABB GROUP was one of 309 exhibitors (78 domestic and 231 foreign) that presented their products and business. Visitors were able to see our offer and program for returnable and non-returnable crates.

Visitors were very interested in our offer for non-returnable crates specially for models „Jabučar“ and „Holandez“, mainly because it was the beginning of the harvest season for fruits and vegetables. We have demonstrated the system for tracking our returnable crates from us to the costumers and back as one of the world economic trends. The advantages of RFID system, both technical and technological were very popular among visitors and they wanted it to explore advantages of returnable crates implementing them in their line of work and people were very  excited with the fact that Serbia has the product for foreign market.

We, the LABB GROUP, made some excellent business contacts that are significant for the future of our company and all in all we can conclude that our attendance at this fair was very significant and we were able to establish ourselves as a important manufacturer of plastic crates in Serbia.